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Additional Resources
Have more questions? Check out these links for useful info on Platonic Touch Therapy and Reiki healing!

Written Word

"What Lack of Affection Can do to You" - Psychology Today

"No Hugging: Are We Living Through a Crisis of Touch?" - The Guardian

"Some People are Paying for Cuddles. And it's Not What You Might Think." - Washington Post


"Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study" - UCLA Health

"Everything You Need to Know About Reiki" - Medical News Today

"Benefits of Reiki" - Chakra Anatomy


"We Could All Use a Hug" - Dr. Yoni Alkan, TEDxSoMa

"The Beauty of Touch" - Patrick McIvor, TEDxLehighRiver

"The Power of Touch" - Nina Jablonski, PopTech

"How to Make Stress Your Friend" - Kelly McGonigal, TEDGlobal 2013